• Nukhet Hendricks

Thanks for being lovely...

Thanks for being lovely. I had forgotten how beautiful you could be, and I hadn't realized how frozen I was. 

Thanks for being lovely. I am finally thawing out one fear and one emotion at a time.  I feel raw inside, so very tender, but it is lovely to feel you nonetheless. 

Thanks for being lovely. I thought I had lost the ability to feel things so deeply. I thought it was okay since the emotional outbursts were looked down upon where I lived. 

Thanks for being lovely. Now that I am under the hot sun and the palm trees, I am thawing out one tear at a time.  I realize that I haven't completely lost me. I am finding myself calmer than ever because I don't need to hide you away and bottle you up. 

Thanks for being lovely. You are one of my most "Beautiful Yes!

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