• Nukhet Hendricks

Summer of "No Self-Help" - Week 3

I glance at the vision board I created for Chinese New Year 2021. The year of the metal OX. My year as a metal OX.

My vision board tells me it is the year of magical miracles. "Whatever you need will come to you," "let a new life happen to you," "create your own lane," it reads.

I believe in vision boards, and I am always very purposeful when it comes to creating them. I always have a goal, and when I am done with it, there is no doubt what I intend to create.

As I was getting ready to create one for 2021, I found myself in an urgent need of letting loose, not having a "written on the vision board" goal. I was very intrigued with the idea of letting life sprinkle me with magic dust and let whatever I need come to me and live a great story!

So that is precisely what I did! I created the vision board to be an everyday reminder of magical miracles – from tiny delightful ones to the gigantic ones that take your breath away. I released and let go so that life unfolds as it pleases.

Life unfolded as it pleases indeed. Our lives changed overnight, and the dream of moving to Florida came true in the blink of an eye. A dream that has been in the making from the day I sat on Fort Lauderdale beach and declared that we are moving to Florida full time ten years ago on my birthday. Not only are we now moving to Florida, but my husband's new job is also located in Fort Lauderdale.

The intention for the summer of "No Self-Help" was all about letting go. It was about stopping the relentless pursuit of fixing "me" that is not broken or needs fixing. It was about trusting that what I need will be delivered. Ultimately, it was about letting the universe take the wheel so that I can exhale, close my eyes and rest a bit. I am genuinely amazed at what the universe has been delivering since I let go. She sure delivered, and she delivered with a cherry on top!

A long overdue exhale … I wonder what else is possible.

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