• Nukhet Hendricks

My Soul's Original Intent

Updated: Mar 19

I believe our souls come into being with an original intent, but more often than not, this original intent gets lost in the process of trying to conform to the norm and wanting so badly to fit in. That's why I think "fitting in" is a trap. It is fed to us from the moment we are born. Our every step of development is measured against a set of "normal" standards to ensure we are developing according to plan and fitting into what someone decided was normal. So ... our original intent of coming into being is all forgotten.

But it is there, waiting for a moment of discontent to show us we derailed and need to get back to that original intent, to the "why" of our being.

That's where I was, wondering about my "why" of being and what was that "one thing" I had said I was going to do if I were born. And then I had two zoom calls with two dear friends on the same day.

The first friend, let's call her J., asked how I was doing. I told her I was peaceful but unfulfilled. I know it sounded like an oxymoron, but that is how I felt and am feeling right now. What came next took me by absolute surprise when she told me that I was coaching and teaching classes about empowerment, leadership, and trusting one's intuition when she saw me most alive. She said a lot more, but repeating them here feels like self-serving boasting, and like most women, I am apprehensive about repeating compliments. She told me I made a huge difference in her life!

Before I could even fully digest what she shared with me, I met with another friend. I asked her how she is feeling. She told me she woke up feeling strong and fulfilled with purpose, and it was because I taught her that!

These two friends don't know each other. To hear that I made a lasting difference in their lives has left me in awe. My first reaction to both was, "really? me?"

I am sure you read similar quotes like "if you are waiting for a sign, here it is." I was not even looking for these signs. They had no idea I've been pondering for my soul's original intent or my "why" of being. These were signs offered from the heart, freely.

And the irony of it all, I had honestly thought I have nothing to teach anyone and did not want to consider teaching or coaching as a possible soul intent!

What does one do with this kind of information? How do I deal with the fact that what I thought I was not good at turns out is precisely the thing that made a lasting difference in two people's lives? How many more people benefited because I dared to coach and teach?

I don't have answers.

All I know is that I want to sit with this, process it through writing, and let the words hold witness to what is about the unfurl.

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