• Nukhet Hendricks

Easy Like Sunday Morning

They never tell you what to do with the empty "spaces" left behind when you declutter! It doesn't matter what you declutter; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ... Once you declutter, you are supposed to have the wide-open space for the "chi" to move and lessen the burden you are carrying.

However, they underestimate the need for the human psyche to fill "empty spaces."

We fill the spaces. It is as if we are afraid to see or feel empty spaces. We equate it with lack. So we eat to fill the void in our hearts because we think we lack love, compassion, and companionship. We fill our homes with stuff we don't really need because we feel protected with all that stuff around us, as if to barricade ourselves in our homes against the big bad world out there. We keep ourselves busy to the point of total and utter exhaustion because we are afraid to create the mental space to stop and feel what it is we truly are feeling. As if we are scared of the thoughts that are waiting to be acknowledged, and the feelings wanting to be felt.

So here I am, with lots of "empty" space around me and within me, feeling the excruciating urge and need to "fill" the spaces left from having let go of so much during the last four months. Resisting this need leaves me exhausted.

I cannot even remember the number of articles and books I read about creating space "to breath" and to hear my own "voice". Now that I have it, I feel lost.

I am trying so hard to embrace this feeling of "lost" like it is a lifeline. I am no longer in a hurry to be found! For the first time in my life, I don't care if anyone thinks I have no ambition left. I am ready to stare at empty spaces, even if the need to fill them is leaving me spent. I know I paid my dues, and I am ready for my life to be easy like a Sunday morning!

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