• Nukhet Hendricks

11 Things on a Tuesday

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

1. I didn't realize how easy it is for the burnout to wake up from her slumber and remind me that she is still around! It is as if she is all coiled like a determined warrior, ready to strike at the slightest of temptations to remind me that it is not to be conquered.

2. I am watching a boat sail gracefully on the intercoastal water. I am wondering if the sailor has ever experienced burnout so severely that she wants to burn it all to the ground.

3. Can a tree ever be a part of your DNA? It is a mystery how palm trees spell home to me. I am still in awe that I am living among them. When I drive on the roads lined by palm trees on both sides, I want to pinch myself so that I know this is now my reality.

4. Growing up by the Mediterranean, I used to hate the sizzling heat and steaming humidity. I can't say I am very fond of it right now, but I now realize the heat and humidity have a smell to it, and it smells like freedom.

5. I wonder what would happen if everyone realized the geography of where you live has a massive impact on your body, your senses, your emotional and mental wellbeing.

6. I think the road to the other side of "burnout" is not going to be straight! It is so winding that I feel dizzy most of the time, without end in sight.

7. But I want it to be over already. Will I ever feel vibrant again? I forgot how it feels to have enough energy to do everything I would like to do in a day.

8. Did you know that watermelon tastes the best after you swim in the salty ocean?

9. When I was a kid, we buried the watermelon seeds in the ground and end up with watermelon plants and tiny edible watermelons. I wonder if anyone notices that there are no seeds in watermelons any longer. I wonder if it is to make our lives easier, so we don't have to deal with picking off the seeds from the watermelon, or it is because the big "brother" doesn't want us to use the seeds to grow new life.

10. I am amazed by the sheer number of people who claim to be an expert on my life and knows how I should live my life. No wonder we are continually looking for salvation and solace from yet another book, another coach, another expert.

11. I wonder when did I surrender all of my sovereignty.

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